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January 19 • Thursday

  8:00am –  9:45am G Morning check in McKimmon Conference Ctner
  9:30am –  9:45am N Take your seats, please Room 1c/d
  9:45am –  10:00am L Welcome remarks and conference overview Room 1c/d
Moderators: Karyn Traphagen, Bora Zivkovic, Anton Zuiker
 10:00am –  11:00am L The Vain Girl's Survival Guide to Science and The Media Room 1c/d
Moderators: Mireya Mayor
 11:15am –  12:15pm S Cybersecurity: Defense Against the Dark Arts Room 3
Moderators: Khadijah M. Britton, Liz Neeley
 11:15am –  12:15pm S Dealing with Data Room 8
Moderators: Kaitlin Thaney, Antony Williams
 11:15am –  12:15pm S The Path from Research to Book: Tools & Workflow Tips from Top Writers Room 1c/d
Moderators: David Dobbs, Maryn McKenna
 11:15am –  12:15pm S The special perils--and pleasures--of medical blogging Room 7
Moderators: Paul Raeburn, Maia Szalavitz
 11:15am –  12:15pm W Basic Video Making 101: An online tutorial Room 5
Moderators: Jim Hutchins, Joanne Manaster
 11:15am –  12:15pm W Pimp your elevator pitch Room 4
Moderators: Karen James
 11:15am –  12:15pm W Science Scribe 2.0 Room 6
Moderators: Perrin Ireland
 12:15pm –  1:30pm K Lunch TBA
  1:30pm –  2:15pm S Going from blogging to MSM: selling out or gateway drug? Room 1c/d
Moderators: Lucas Brouwers, Hannah Waters
  1:30pm –  2:15pm S Math Future network of communities: A year in review Room 3
Moderators: Maria Droujkova
  1:30pm –  2:15pm S Open Notebook Science Room 8
Moderators: Jean-Claude Bradley, Steve Koch
  1:30pm –  2:15pm S The Uses of the Past: History of Science as a tool for Science Journalists/Writers Room 7
Moderators: Eric Michael Johnsonn, Tom Levenso
  1:30pm –  2:15pm S Why Scientists Hate and Fear the Media; or, Science training for journalists Room 4
Moderators: Miriam Goldstein, Craig McClain
  1:30pm –  2:15pm W Effective Research and Nature Photography Room 5
Moderators: Enrique Gutierrez, Peyton Hale
  1:30pm –  2:15pm W Filming and Communicating Your Research: Take your video production to the next level Room 6
Moderators: Carin Bondar, Austin Gallagher
  2:45pm –  3:45pm S Blogging in the undergraduate science classroom (how to maximize the potential of course blogs) Room 7
Moderators: Jason Goldman, John Hawks
  2:45pm –  3:45pm S Harassing the Powerful for Fun and Profit: An Informal Investigative Reporters' Guide to Uncovering Secrets and Bypassing Flacks Room 6
Moderators: Charles Duhigg, Ivan Oransky
  2:45pm –  3:45pm S Networking Beyond the Academy Room 4
Moderators: Heidi White
  2:45pm –  3:45pm S Sex, gender and controversy: writing to educate, writing to titillate Room 1c/d
Moderators: Scicurious, Kate Clancy
  2:45pm –  3:45pm S The basic science behind the medical research: where to find it, how and when to use it Room 3
Moderators: Deborah Blum, Emily Willingham
  2:45pm –  3:45pm S You Got Your Politics in My Science Room 8
Moderators: John Timmer, Stephanie Zvan
  2:45pm –  3:45pm W Podcasting for Beginners Room 5
Moderators: Ginger Campbell, Alok Jha
  4:00pm –  5:00pm S Covering Political Neuroscience in the Blogosphere Room 8
Moderators: Andrea Kuszewski, Chris Mooney
  4:00pm –  5:00pm S Know Your Digital Rights! Room 3
Moderators: Arikia Millikan, Dave Mosher
  4:00pm –  5:00pm S So You Want To Make A Science Documentary Room 6
Moderators: Tom Levenson
  4:00pm –  5:00pm S The Limits of Transparency: Self-Censorship in Physician Writers Room 7
Moderators: Judy Stone, Shara Yurkiewicz
  4:00pm –  5:00pm S The Punchlines and Perils of Science Humor Room 1c/d
Moderators: Brian Malow, John Rennie
  4:00pm –  5:00pm S Undergraduate Education: Collaborating to Create the Next Generation of Open Scientists Room 4
Moderators: John Dupuis, Tanya Noel
  4:00pm –  5:00pm W Data visualization Room 5
Moderators: Ashley Yaeger
  6:00pm –  9:00pm R Reception at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, with a tour of the Nature Research Center N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences
Moderators: David Kroll, Meg Lowman, PhD, Andy Revkin
  8:30pm –  11:00pm P Talent show & open-mic night Napper Tandy's

January 20 • Friday

  8:00am –  9:30am G Morning check in McKimmon Conference Ctner
  9:30am –  10:30am S Citizens, experts, and science Room 4
Moderators: Amy Freitag, Janet Stemwedel
  9:30am –  10:30am S Do press officers/public information officers need journalists any more? Room 6
Moderators: Karl Bates, Haley Bridger
  9:30am –  10:30am S How do we teach science journalism in the era of social media? Room 7
Moderators: Misha Angrist, Paul Raeburn
  9:30am –  10:30am S Is encouraging scientific literacy more than telling people what they need to know? Room 8
Moderators: Catherine Anderson, Marie-Claire Shanahan
  9:30am –  10:30am S Science Podcasting: Pros and Cons Room 3
Moderators: Julia Galef, Desiree Schell
  9:30am –  10:30am S Using altmetrics tools to track the online impact of your research Room 5
Moderators: Euan Adie, Martin Fenner
  9:30am –  10:30am W On the record - a media-skills workshop for scientists Room 1c/d
Moderators: Charles Duhigg, Ed Yong
 10:45am –  11:45am S Blogging Science While Female Room 8
Moderators: Janet Stemwedel, Christie Wilcox
 10:45am –  11:45am S Making Book on E-books: How to write a science or medical e-book and publish and sell it online Room 7
Moderators: Tabitha M. Powledge, Carl Zimmer
 10:45am –  11:45am S Scientists and Wikipedia Room 6
Moderators: Greta Munger, Dario Taraborelli
 10:45am –  11:45am S Teaching Core Competencies in Science: Solving Algebraic and Word Problems Room 3
Moderators: Khadijah Britton, Kiyomi Deards
 10:45am –  11:45am S The Next Generation of Bloggers Room 1c/d
Moderators: students, Stacy Baker
 10:45am –  11:45am S The Semantic Web Room 5
Moderators: Kristi Holmes, Antony Williams
 10:45am –  11:45am S Understanding audiences and how to know when you are *really* reaching out Room 4
Moderators: Emily Finke, Kevin Zelnio
 12:00pm –  1:00pm S Broadening the Participation of Underrepresented Populations in Online Science Communication and Communities Room 7
Moderators: Danielle Lee
 12:00pm –  1:00pm S I can haz context? Room 1c/d
Moderators: Maggie Koerth-Baker, Ed Yong
 12:00pm –  1:00pm S Science Communication, Risk Communication, and the role of Social Networks Room 4
Moderators: David Ropeik
 12:00pm –  1:00pm S The Sound of Science Room 3
Moderators: Rose Eveleth
 12:00pm –  1:00pm W Making Beautiful Maps Room 5
Moderators: Tim De Chant
 12:00pm –  1:00pm W The Attention Economy: The currencies for social media influence and exchange rates for attention Room 8
Moderators: Adrian J. Ebsary, Lou Woodley
 12:00pm –  1:00pm W Working Group: What to do when you're the go-to online outreach person at your institution: guidelines from the Science Online group Room 6
Moderators: Miriam Goldstein, Jai Ranganathan
  1:00pm –  2:00pm K BOX LUNCH TBA
  2:00pm –  4:45pm D Techno Blitz Demos: Blogs & Science Communication Room 3
  2:00pm –  4:45pm D Techno Blitz Demos: Credit, Identity & Making Science Available Room 7
  2:00pm –  5:00pm D Techno Blitz Demos: Tools & Projects - Doing Science! Room 8
  2:00pm –  5:00pm T Science lab and museum tours TBA
  6:30pm –  10:00pm B Banquet & Storytelling with The Monti Room 2

January 21 • Saturday

  8:00am –  9:30am G Morning check in McKimmon Conference Ctner
  9:30am –  10:30am S Blogging to save the world: Conservation biology and social media Room 4
Moderators: Austin Gallagher, David Shiffman
  9:30am –  10:30am S Communicating with Images on Blogs Room 7
Moderators: Emily Bauernfeind, Glendon Mellow
  9:30am –  10:30am S Digital Preservation and Science Online Room 5
Moderators: Trevor Owens2, Bonnie Swoger
  9:30am –  10:30am S Story as Shape or Song: Geometry and Music as Longform Nonfiction Structural Models Room 1c/d
Moderators: Deborah Blum, David Dobbs
  9:30am –  10:30am S Students as Messengers of Science Room 6
Moderators: Stephanie Levi, Gabrielle Lyon
  9:30am –  10:30am S Weird and wonderful stories in the history of science Room 8
Moderators: Greg Gbur, Brian Malow
  9:30am –  10:30am W Data Journalism: Talking the talk Room 3
Moderators: Lena Groeger, Ruth Spencer
 10:45am –  11:45am S Advocacy in medical blogging/communication--can you be an advocate and still be fair? Room 4
Moderators: Maia Szalavitz, Emily Willingham
 10:45am –  11:45am S Charting Your Own Course: How to Make It As a Freelancer Room 1c/d
Moderators: Hillary Rosner, Brian Switek
 10:45am –  11:45am S Drowning in Information! How Can We Create Organization & Balance - Tools and strategies for managing information overload (science and otherwise) Room 5
Moderators: Simon Franz, Walter Jessen
 10:45am –  11:45am S Next generation scientific society and conference Room 6
Moderators: Scicurious, Lou Woodley
 10:45am –  11:45am S Science writing in and for developing nations Room 3
Moderators: Grant Jacobs, Madhusudan Katti
 10:45am –  11:45am S The Music of Science: An Effective Tool for Science Communication? Room 7
Moderators: Adrian J. Ebsary, Princess Ojiaku
 10:45am –  11:45am S Why the resistance to science blogging? Room 8
Moderators: Holly Bik, Pascale Lane
 11:45am –  1:00pm K LUNCH ‘n’ LAUGH Room 2
Moderators: Brian Malow
  1:00pm –  2:00pm S 'It's Good To Be The King' - Blogging the Mel Brooks Way! Room 7
Moderators: @DrRubidium, David Manly
  1:00pm –  2:00pm S Art and Science, 4.0 - Accurate, Personal and Powerful: commissioned Science-Art Room 1c/d
Moderators: Nathaniel Gold, Glendon Mellow
  1:00pm –  2:00pm S Can Democracy Still Work in the Age of Science? Room 4
Moderators: Shawn Otto
  1:00pm –  2:00pm S Genomic Medicine: From Bench to Bedside Room 6
Moderators: Kristi Holmes, Sandra Porter
  1:00pm –  2:00pm S Never Tell Me the Odds: Assessing Certainty and Probability in Scientific Data Room 5
Moderators: Matthew R. Francis, Cedar Riener
  1:00pm –  2:00pm S Raising money for your science and journalism with crowdfunding Room 3
Moderators: Liz Neeley, Jai Ranganathan
  1:00pm –  2:00pm S Writing about science for women's (and men's) magazines and not being ashamed of it, dammit Room 8
Moderators: Elizabeth Devita-Raeburn, Maryn McKenna
  2:15pm –  3:30pm L Cyberscreen Science Film Festival Room 1c/d
Moderators: Carin Bondar, Joanne Manaster
  3:45pm –  4:45pm L Plenary Panel: Check, check, 1, 2...The sticky wicket of the scientist-journalist relationship Room 1c/d
Moderators: Maggie Koerth-Baker, David Kroll, Seth Mnookin, Bora Zivkovic
  4:45pm –  5:00pm L Closing remarks Room 1c/d
Moderators: Karyn Traphagen, Anton Zuiker